7 thoughts on “Give Sherrod Vilsack’s Job!

  1. The question of how anyone could react based on anything he claimed to be accurate must therefore be asked.

  2. I think the scarier thing is that why, all of a sudden, is anyone in the adminsitration paying attention to these assholes?? And is they’re now acting on this obviously skewed dresk, what’s/who’s next?

    I mean, do we now have Rush creating executive mems??

    Perish. the. thought.

  3. It is scary. Especially after the ACORN thing. Is there literally no one willing to just say “Knowing how Breitbart selectively edits, I’d like to see the whole, unedited tape before passing judgment on this woman”?

  4. I mean, do we now have Rush creating executive mems??

    Not Rush. Drudge.

    The Chattering Class and their clownsourcing of fake outrages has been ruling our discourse since the rise of the Clenis.

  5. As a side comment, I’ll say that if you don’t watch TV news or hit conservative websites, this one could have passed you completely by. I’m not saying it’s a manufactured story — the harm is clearly real — but it’s definitely reverberated in the echo chamber.

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