In This Way, I am Like a Dog

I am excited to get in the shower here in a second and go to work. Not because there’s anything especially exciting about work today, but because I want my routine back.

Ha, speaking of dogs, did I tell you Mrs. Wigglebottom got stuck outside the other day? She came out to help us film the book trailer and we forgot about her. So we all went to dinner and we came back and she came out of the garage with this total “Whew, I’m glad you guys are back!” look on her face. Shoot, I felt bad about that.

And then, she’s been very cuddly since I got back from Georgia.

Until yesterday afternoon, when she decided I was boring and she got up from where I was scratching her butt while contemplating my flowers and went in the garage and barked until the Butcher came and let her in.

My butt scratches are boring!

Well, and when the breeze wasn’t blowing out back, it was a billion degrees out.