I’m Not Completely Abandoning Hope

But it’s been a week and a half. I don’t think the tiny cat is coming back. If she’s dead, I hope she did not suffer. If she’s not, I hope someone has taken her in.

I had a cat who taught herself to pee in the toilet.

I don’t think I’ll ever see her likes again.

I really hope she comes home.

I keep thinking, well, maybe if we didn’t let them out, but you know, she sprinted out the door last Saturday. Even if we didn’t let her be an outside cat when she wanted to be, she still could have made the same break for it and still been just as gone.

It’s the trade-off. You know the first time you open the door and let them out that they might not come back. But they’re so much happier when they can come and go when they want. And, lately, she rarely wanted to go.

So, I don’t know. Cats slip in and out of your life. It sucks.

But I’m hoping she slips back here one more time.

26 thoughts on “I’m Not Completely Abandoning Hope

  1. I hope the tiny cat slips back home, too. Hugs to you; it’s a sad thing to remember that those sweet fur people only stay in our lives for a little while.

  2. Crap. I’ve had them gone as long as three weeks and then come back, but that was the prelude to long gone. Sometimes they just have a wild in their soul that gradually takes over.

  3. Yep. I had an indoor / outdoor cat named Stinky. She would disappear for weeks at a time, and just when we thought she’d never come back, she’d show up and deliver a litter of kittens in the closet.

    Maybe the tiny cat is out getting laid.

  4. Oh crap. That sucks.

    I’ve got coyotes around my house, so if even a meal is missed it generally means no more cat. So I tend to worry if someone hasn’t been spotted in hours.

  5. I’m so sorry she’s been gone longer than usual. I hope she does come back soon, but if she doesn’t that all is well for her.

  6. One of my favorite religious bon mots is how cats are like Baptists because you know they are always up to something, but you can never catch ’em at it.
    An old friend – now a Baptist minister – added a corollary to that for me: “And both of ’em always come home. … eventually.”

  7. Maybe she’s on vacation at the neighbors’. I’m serious. Before my neighbors sold their house last month, my cat preferred their porch to mine. I wouldn’t see him for days and then he’d saunter over. “Oh, hey, just needed to pick up some clothes and a toothbrush.”

  8. Thanks to JR, I’m now imagining cats avoiding making eye contact with each other at the liquor store. Or repeating all six verses of Just As I Am a second time because that one hussy hasn’t come to the altar to repent yet.

    Sorry about the tiny cat – I hope they’ve got her on an important mission.

  9. Our country is in trouble so the mission that the tiny cat is on is probably really important.

    Fingers crossed she returns to her humans.

  10. If I had a cat that would use the toilet and another cat that wouldn’t — I would prefer the one that disappeared would be the non-potty trained one. Cats that use the toilet of their own choosing – those are few & far between.

    Crossing my fingers for you regardless… let’s hope she’s just on a CIA mission, as Newscoma surmises.

  11. B, likely she’s just gone to get herself some new pants. And, you know, she’s a cat so she’s finicky, so it may take her a while to find some to her taste. I hope she makes it back soon.

  12. Thanks, all. She was/is a very weird cat and I will miss her company, if she is indeed gone. I may try having the Professor wander around the yard this weekend and see if she won’t come for her, who she adores, if she is still around.

  13. Hope she comes back, Aunt B. It’s a balancing act. My cats love to be outside, but owls try to get them. My Siamese has been nailed twice, the smaller orange tabby once. It’s pure luck that they’re still alive; the owls didn’t get a good enough grip. I heard the tabby get hit, & I was certain from the scream that I’d just heard a cat die. I was stunned when she came home hours later, terrified & bleeding. The tomcat, of course, is worse: he disappears overnight when he likes, & I never know if he’ll be back.
    Still, I love them, so I let them go out, & hope they’ll come home all right. I want them to have their liberty. Like us, if that liberty costs them their lives, they (and we) at least die free.
    Still, we’ll be waiting to hear that the tiny cat is home.

  14. I’m with Newscoma and Beth. She’s obviously deep undercover.

    Hoping it’s a short mission and she comes home soon and safe. Hugs to you.

  15. Damn it, Tennessee Budd, now I want to go out in my back yard, get drunk, shoot off fireworks, and sing Old Crow Medicine Show songs in the tiny cat’s honor.

  16. Yes, if the tiny cat is gone, then at least you should have a good wake. For the ten thousandth time this year, I regret not living in driving distance.

  17. Cats aren’t generally wanderers–unless tiny cat was abducted, there’s a statistically high chance she’s within about two houses of you. I don’t know how many people I’ve told to LOOK AGAIN, but seriously, look again. Under the bushes, someplace a cat might want to hide–if she’s injured or scared, her first instinct is to hunker down and avoid detection, so she’s not likely to make noise.

  18. oh, I would totally come over for many reasons including hoping that girl might come see me. however, I’m not in town this weekend. We could try Thursday evening. Or we’ll have to wait until next week sometime.

    But it is usually the orange cat who comes running to me. she just yells from whatever piece of furniture she is on expecting me to come rub her cheeks. Granted, I do just that.

    Nonetheless I will happily try. she likes wine, yes? I’ll bring a bottle. Oh wait, that would be for us. She likes chicken livers.

  19. You want to do that, Aunt B., I’ll bring an OCMS CD & some fireworks. And my tomcat (if anybody can find her, he can).

  20. Hell, I’ll bring my wife with me, & y’all can laugh at the cripple trying to buck-dance to “Wagon Wheel.”

  21. Ha, I might have to enact a “No Buck Dancing” in the back yard rule until the cats get serious about taking care of the moles. I don’t need anyone breaking an ankle out there. Though, I supposed people could buck dance on the bridge…

    Professor, we should drink wine soon anyway, once you’re back in town.

  22. Hey, if I break an ankle, it’s no big deal–the right leg’s held together with stainless steel anyway.

  23. Aw, I hope she does return, at least for one more time. They often do that.

    My mom’s 20+ year old cat that died a couple of years ago was a spoiled indoor cat her first several years, and then she was kicked outside & then abandoned by her original owner for several years before I’d had it seeing her around with no home and made friends with her and sent her home with my mom, who was a perfect match for kitty. That was around 1992-1994 or thereabouts.

    In all that time, she only ONCE attempted to go outside and that was probably about 1996 or 1997.

    Two or three years ago, when she was 20 (or more), she was starting to look a little frail, and escaped without Mom realizing it. Mom was devastated and I high-tailed it up there and spent an entire day practically tearing the house apart and walking the neighborhood multiple times looking for her. At the time, we figured she had found some place in the house to crawl into and die, and were hoping to find her before it inevitably became obvious where she was. Mom went door to door anyway asking, just in case, but we really expected she was in the house somewhere and we just hadn’t found her.

    A week or so later, there’d still been no sign (or smell) of her in the house and we decided she’d gotten out for sure.

    It was a week, two weeks, maybe even three weeks later when a neighbor of Mom’s called and asked if she was the lady with the white cat, and said they thought they’d just seen her walking up the sidewalk around the block from Mom’s. Mom went out and started looking and a little later, there she was, standing in the yard next to our house.

    Whatever point it was and however long, we were just absolutely certain she had died, positive. But nope, there she was, and once she got a little weight back on her again, she looked better and seemed to feel better than she had in a while, and went on to live several more months doing just fine.

    So don’t give up hope yet and I’ll keep hoping too. It hasn’t happened that often, but there was that, and another one when I was younger that showed back up three or four MONTHS after he’d been gone. You just really never know with cats (especially ones who are doing double-time as important CIA agents).

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