Belated True Blood

I watched with the Butcher again. I can’t tell if he likes watching with me or if I annoy him, because I always have to clap and squeal. I’m still thinking it would be cool if Tara ended up being the actual version of that con artist woman from the first season.

And I think Kenya is the center of sanity for the show.

2 thoughts on “Belated True Blood

  1. I’m always squealing with that show and laughing uproariously. I’ve decided I really dislike the Tara sub-plot this season with that crazy-ass needy vampire. What was with the super-fast texting moment? Bizarre. Though that image of Tara running from the giant plantation being chased by a dog was really striking. The Eric-was-a-horny-Viking thing was also odd, though it proved that he was destined to become a vampire so he could stop being such a dork.

  2. I’m ready for either the Tara plot to move on or end. I hope she stakes that jerk and then becomes some kind of superhero herself. But I did kind of stand in awe of that scene (of her running away from the home). That was really rich subtext, and though I love this show, I almost couldn’t believe it would be smart enough to have had such subtext intentionally.

    Eric was a dork! I hadn’t articulated that for myself, but he was! And was it wild how much his mom was like Pam?!

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