I Kind of Wish I Had a Henge and Other Random Things

–They have found a wood henge at Stonehenge, which, for the record, is the second wood henge at Stonehenge I know about. There could be more! People of Great Britain, I wish you many, many more henges.

These pictures look extraordinary. The language of the surrounding material is a little “Oh my god, how weird,” for my tastes.

The Joiners! Who are having a baby. And moved away. That’s sad. Still, “Glorious, Glorious” is on my my favorite songs, ever, and I will make you all love it, by shear force of will and the power of my henge, my secret henge imbued with magical properties specifically designed to make you like that song. In retrospect, if I was going to time travel and enslave Bronze age northern Europeans and make them build me a henge imbued with magical powers, I should have gone a little grander than “Make everyone like this song” but I was drunk. You know how drunken plans go. And it’s too late now.

Agents publishing on Kindle. You had to wonder how long this was going to take, considering how much work agents do to get a manuscript ready. I don’t want to see publishing fail, but some of these changes are kind of inevitable. I believe we’ll see more of these boutique presses, either centered around agents or centered around small groups of authors. We still need the expertise of publishers, but a lot of publishers made it very difficult, internally, for that expertise to express itself anyway, so it makes sense that people are finding their ways around it.

5 thoughts on “I Kind of Wish I Had a Henge and Other Random Things

  1. if you start saving your Diet Dr Pepper cans now, by next year you’ll have enough for your very own Diet Dr Pepper Henge — the front yard would be perfect, next to Henry the Magnolia. Just think about it: people would come from far and wide to see the Dr Pepper Henge.

  2. According to Doctor Who, Stonehenge is a transmitter to outer space. There’s alien technology underneath. I believe everything I see on Doctor Who.

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