I Waste My Time In Ways that Make Me Feel Like I’m Working

I have slowly realized I’m going to need a head-shot for the book. This causes me as much, if not more, anxiety than needing a head-shot for the fucking City Paper. I need like they have in Harry Potter, pictures of me that move. Or, crap, can’t I just use the cool shot of my hands that Megan took? Hell, it’s even got a boob in there. What more do people want?!

On a side note. Do you think of the whole hill as Love Circle or do you call it Love Hill with Love Circle just being at the top?

Anyway, so I keep meaning to work on the supporting materials–press release, author questions, etc.–at least as much as I can get done at this stage.

But instead, I was imagining what songs would need to go on the A City of Ghosts soundtrack, because, of course, it needs a soundtrack.

Here’s some I’m thinking:

(Her voice is even more lovely live than it is on the single. And then she goes into “Season of the Witch!” An awesome version of “Season of the Witch.” I want that on my soundtrack, too.)

Did I tell y’all there’s a Lefty Frizzell ghost story?

This song ends up being central to one of the stories for this year.

Edited to add: Shit, I forgot this song!

Edited again to add: Okay, here’s a lovely version with no tap dancing.

I Have an ISBN!

Yes, I did about type “I have an ISBN number” and then I went to the atm machine.

It’s supposed to be 100 here today. And yet, I cannot sit around the office in my underwear, which seems like a gross injustice. I get jealous of people who have “dry heat.” We have “Similar to hanging out in the crotchal area of a just finished marathoner” heat. You sweat, but there’s no place for it to go. The air is already saturated.

It’s too hot to even think.