I Waste My Time In Ways that Make Me Feel Like I’m Working

I have slowly realized I’m going to need a head-shot for the book. This causes me as much, if not more, anxiety than needing a head-shot for the fucking City Paper. I need like they have in Harry Potter, pictures of me that move. Or, crap, can’t I just use the cool shot of my hands that Megan took? Hell, it’s even got a boob in there. What more do people want?!

On a side note. Do you think of the whole hill as Love Circle or do you call it Love Hill with Love Circle just being at the top?

Anyway, so I keep meaning to work on the supporting materials–press release, author questions, etc.–at least as much as I can get done at this stage.

But instead, I was imagining what songs would need to go on the A City of Ghosts soundtrack, because, of course, it needs a soundtrack.

Here’s some I’m thinking:

(Her voice is even more lovely live than it is on the single. And then she goes into “Season of the Witch!” An awesome version of “Season of the Witch.” I want that on my soundtrack, too.)

Did I tell y’all there’s a Lefty Frizzell ghost story?

This song ends up being central to one of the stories for this year.

Edited to add: Shit, I forgot this song!

Edited again to add: Okay, here’s a lovely version with no tap dancing.

6 thoughts on “I Waste My Time In Ways that Make Me Feel Like I’m Working

  1. It’s your book and you are publishing it. You can decide to skip the head shot. Maybe I’m coming from a perspective too far afield of fiction, but I don’t care about what the author looks like. Sometimes I don’t even look. Other times I glance briefly and move on.

  2. Oh, not that you can’t take a wonderful picture of you that is beautiful and representative …

    I have no doubts about the outcome. And, the process might even be a worthwhile exercise. I’m just saying you can still avoid it if you like. Wait until the book makes bundles of money then hire Annie Leibovitz.

  3. You call on Mr. Wage or the rest of us will beg him for you. You aren’t under time constraints this time like you were last time. I’d bet he’d be even happier to do it if you offer dinner and libations in the deal.

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