1. At this point, I laughed in delight. If rumors that Elizabeth Bennett also had children with Joseph Durard/Durand/Duratt are true, these would probably be her grandchildren.

    There are a lot of “ifs,” but we know Bennett married Dur/something. We know she had a tavern at the top of Paradise Hill in Joelton. We know that the space Little Marrowbone Road runs through used to be called Demonbreun Hollow and that she is buried at the Ashland City end of it.

    We also know that Ingram Road, out the other way, runs through Druard Hollow and that the cemetery survey locates an ancient Druard Cemetery there (though I have been out there ten times at least and never seen it).

    And this church sits on Brick Church Pike, directly on the other side of the hill from Druard Hollow.

    And there are Durards in it. The first I have seen.

    It’s nerdy, but I was thrilled. I wonder if they trace their ancestry back to Elizabeth?

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