1. Not sure about the lump, other than maybe the root system of the tree. However, the laid over concrete thingies are the supports of a concrete bench. Probably people used to sit on the hill in the shade when they visited their dead, but when the tree was removed, the bench had outlived its purpose. There are benches of the same design all over the graveyard where my dad is buried.

  2. This is the trouble with my crappy camera and that it’s all green. You can’t get a good sense of its size and how weirdly distinctive it looks. Like, in that picture, it clearly looks like it might be a root ball. But in person, it looks pretty clear that someone planted the tree on top (or near the top) of that thing.

    And the whole cemetery is on a slight incline but that bump is going straight up.

    I don’t know. Maybe, too, it’s just how they mow it, but in person, it looks man-made, too exactly circular to be natural.

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