Remnants of Bonnie

The remnants of Tropical Storm Bonnie are overhead. I wish you could see it. The sky is black. And the thunder is so loud and close it sounds like it’s practically knocking on the door. But, of course, the sun has not set, so at the horizon, you can see some light. And that light is making all the rain this beautiful silver.

It’s thrilling in a scary way, but also really cool.

Edited to add: Apparently we’re having tornadoes. Scary, scary.

Could the Republicans Try to Field One Unsketchy Gubernatorial Candidate Next Time?

Ramsey doesn’t know if Islam is a religion. And yet, he thinks he’s qualified to run the state. Worse, he seems slightly more sane than the guy who randomly shouts “I love you.” Seriously, at this point, I think Haslam could stand at the entrance to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park naked, tossing crude oil onto tourists as some kind of political performance art and he will still seem like a more viable candidate than these other two yahoos.

I mean, the scandal Haslam would have to have to out crazy these two… I can’t even imagine.

Is It Just Me?

Every time I hear John Mayer’s “Half of My Heart” I wonder if there’s a masked track in which Mayer cackles evilly and croons “These dumbass women will buy anything as long as I sing it like I mean it.” I swear, something about that song just strikes me as so damn condescending, like he thinks we’re too stupid to not like it. It’s not the words or the music, though, so that’s what makes me think it must be a masked track.

Book Things

I am not a very organized person, so I’m having a lot of needless fretting about the book. But here’s where things stand.

The page proofs are back with the typesetter and now include an author’s note and a slight tweak on one story. I am the queen of commas, but many of the needless ones have been removed. This means, obviously, that the book is back from the copyeditor.

I have a headshot or two and some back cover copy. I know how thick the book is going to be and what my ISBN is. The cover art has been decided on, so I’m just waiting for the weather to cooperate with the photographer and then I can get that off to the designer.

Meanwhile, I have a press release draft and some author Q & As done. I’m going to ask a friend to look over them and give me some guidance. Hopefully, she’ll also tell me about the exciting world of the one-sheet and whether I need it.

Since I have to pay for my review copies myself, I’m really hoping to limit them to just a dozen or so.

But the thing that weighs heavy on me is that this book’s hook is that it’s something interesting for media folks to talk about in October–it’s obviously got that ghostly hook. And they’ll start thinking about how October shapes up at the end of August, beginning of September. So, I’m hoping the actual physical making of the book goes quickly (I know once they get it set up, it happens pretty much overnight, but I’m worried about that set-up time).

Anyway, it’s making my stomach upset, but in good ways. I think it’s coming along.