Remnants of Bonnie

The remnants of Tropical Storm Bonnie are overhead. I wish you could see it. The sky is black. And the thunder is so loud and close it sounds like it’s practically knocking on the door. But, of course, the sun has not set, so at the horizon, you can see some light. And that light is making all the rain this beautiful silver.

It’s thrilling in a scary way, but also really cool.

Edited to add: Apparently we’re having tornadoes. Scary, scary.

4 thoughts on “Remnants of Bonnie

  1. It got very scary here, briefly, after they said the tornado was south of us. I hid in the closet. But everything is fine. I live. The Butcher’s fix on the gutter didn’t work. I mean it worked, but it didn’t fix the problem. But it hadn’t rained since he tried it, so that’s good info.

  2. Oh, good. We went into the closet for about half an hour, when it seemed like the lightning was right on top of us. And we had some hail. But no damage, lights seem to be on up and down the street, and I can’t even see any big branches down. Glad to hear you are alright as well.

  3. I was filing into my seats for Macca at the Arena/GEC/Arena/Sommet/Bridgestone when the thunder rolled overhead, battering the metal roof as it passed by.

    I wasn’t exactly thinking “Superdome.” But something like it.

    (McCartney, by the way? Epic.)

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