A Country Lunch

Good lord, can we all just agree that Marty Robbins is the most talented, depressing singer in the history of the universe? People, if you are anywhere and a Marty Robbins song breaks out, run, because your ass is about to get shot or hanged or trampled by phantom cows. He has a body count rivaled only by Jessica Fletcher. Shoot, I was going to post a song of his here, but it was making me depressed just trying to pick on.

As a pick-me-up, I had to switch to the Statler Brothers.

The best part of this song, really, is how much it illuminates the spot-on genius of Ray Stevens’ “Do-right Family.”

This is my favorite Statler Brothers’ song:

But check out Elvis doing “Susan When She Tried.”

I’m sorry, I just love how you can tell Elvis loves the songs he sings.

And I’m sure some of y’all have heard this. But, if not, just wait. It will tickle you. I promise.

5 thoughts on “A Country Lunch

  1. Aunt Betty,
    (I can call you that, right?) Yes we sang El Paso, every verse, every night while Daddy strapped on his Smith and Wesson or what ever and twirled his pistol into his holster and looked in the mirror, how do you think I learned to sing your songs Ray, dedication!

  2. You see that video of Elvis with the lady on the left of him on the on the third video near the end I think is either my Mother or someone that looked alot like her,
    I’m sorry for any offense, it was meant in a loving, way.
    I sort of go caught up in the moment.

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