An actual email I sent to Jim Ridley today:

When I go to log in, it tells me it can’t find the server. People I have to post half-naked pictures of Mike Rowe!!!

Followed shortly by:

Did I say “half-naked pictures of Mike Rowe”? I meant “astute political commentary about Roy Herron.”



You can’t say they didn’t have fair warning.

Lord almighty, I have a lot of random things to share

1. Everything about this is awesome. But most especially I love that, even though it’s Cincinnati, I feel like it gives me an idea of what Nashville would have looked like.

2. Folks, this is what happens when you leave us Midwesterners unsupervised.

3. Ron Ramsey made The Onion.

4. GoldnI makes some salient points.

5. <small voice of awe and delight>This is the cover illustration.</small voice of awe and delight>

One Advantage to Kids over Cats

Kids outgrow pooping in the tub. Also, eventually, you can ask a kid “How would you like it if I pooped in the tub?”

Yes, a kid might answer, “That would be hilarious.”

But at least s/he’d understand the question.