Lord almighty, I have a lot of random things to share

1. Everything about this is awesome. But most especially I love that, even though it’s Cincinnati, I feel like it gives me an idea of what Nashville would have looked like.

2. Folks, this is what happens when you leave us Midwesterners unsupervised.

3. Ron Ramsey made The Onion.

4. GoldnI makes some salient points.

5. <small voice of awe and delight>This is the cover illustration.</small voice of awe and delight>

12 thoughts on “Lord almighty, I have a lot of random things to share

  1. That’s cwage, obviously. I love how the downtown buildings look like gravestones at first. And that tree that looks like it might be morphing into a monster. And how empty it is. Whew, it’s just good.

    I can’t believe that’s a real place in the city, and yet, it is.

  2. One think you might consider is removing the telephone poles from the image before it’s incorporated into the final design. That’s the only thing I can find that really seems to detract from the overall mood of the photo.

  3. Holy crap, I love that photo! And, I don’t know, I kind of like the telephone poles and electrical lines. It’s a creepy/crass (crasspy?) part of the Nashville landscape too!

  4. I just looked at the Cincinnati shots. Holy cow. It made me feel that pit of the stomach lurch — you know what the Ohio River and that side of the Ohio means in my writing, so to see it so clearly and so specifically on a particular September day in 1848 at 2 pm…just heart-stopping to the history geek.

  5. Well, it’s in the designer’s hands. She might crop it to get it all on the cover or wrap it or who knows?

    But I’m really tickled that y’all like it.

  6. Bridgett, I actually contemplated putting some kind of trigger warning on that link for you, because I was worried you might fall out of your chair upon seeing it.

    But I am tickled to be able to share it with you and I hope the person who shared it with me is reading the comments so that he or she can see that the cool stuff he or she learns at his or her job which may or may not be at a place that rhymes with the Shmennessee Shmtate Shmibrary and Shmarchives has the same pleasure.

  7. Aunt B, thanks for the link! I’ve already sent it on to friends who love Ohio history and have deep roots in the Cincinnati area.

    Also, the photo for your book cover is gorgeous!

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