I Can Never Take Mrs. Wigglebottom to Walgreens Again

I was supposed to pick up my prescriptions yesterday, but I also had to swing over to Germantown on an errand and I just got right on Rosa Parks and headed up home before it dawned on me that I had missed my last stop.

So, this morning, I loaded up Mrs. W. and we headed down to Walgreens.

And the pharmacist asked about her and said how cute she was and then he gave her a treat. If a dog could squeal with fan-girl delight, that dog did.

I also learned something interesting on the way home. I should preface this by explaining that there is this incredible meat and three here in town called Swett’s, which is over by TSU, and it has been a long standing joke among people I know that it is impossible for white people to get to Swett’s directly. Basically, we just get on Charlotte, turn north, and then flail around until we happen upon it. It takes us like an hour to get to Swett’s from Charlotte.

But, after a decade, I have come to learn that, if you get on Charlotte, turn north on 28th Avenue, Swett’s is like five blocks up.  Could not be simpler to get to.

And today? Oh, today I learned that, if I stay on 28th headed north, that road eventually runs me right back into Clarksville Pike. And so this begs the question–why would I ever get on Briley to go any place east of Briley when this is so convenient?