Whew, There’s a Lot Going On

–A friend of mine voted in the Republican primary. There’s been a lot of talk about Democrats switching races to vote for the candidate McWherter could most win against. My friend crossed because she’s terrified of Wamp and Ramsey and wants to make sure they don’t get on the ballot. I wonder how many Dems are doing likewise.

— I have been thinking a lot about the rapid social changes hitting and about to hit Tennessee. I think this NYTimes op-ed kind of gets at how you have to understand a lot of the anti-Muslim stuff in Tennessee not just as anti-Muslim, but as a reaffirmation of Christian hegemony. It’s not just about Muslims. It’s about feeling like being a Christian isn’t going to give you special privileges as a Tennessean for much longer. I don’t think that attitude is true, but I think there’s a lot of political hay to be made out of it.

Jack’s report about last night’s Gubernatorial debate is… I don’t even know. You just have to read it for yourself.

–And once you’re all “June Griffin?! WTF?!” go check out the family fight here.

This is going to give me nightmares. Just saying.

I think Amanda Marcotte is onto something important here. Birthright citizenship is a feminist issue, because it’s exactly a matter of choice. Trying to curb or influence a woman’s ability to reproduce because you don’t like her “kind” is vile, anti-woman, and anti-choice. Weirdly, it’s also anti “pro-life,” since you’re trying to keep women who would otherwise have babies from having them.

And lastly, the incredible story of a woman who’s getting a new face. I cried. What an incredible woman. And what a great package from The Oregonian. Every so often I see something that gives me a sense of what newspapers online could be like. This is one of those times.

Okay, Historians, Why Does My Mirror Weigh So Much?

So, obviously, yesterday, I was called on to move my mirror outside. It must weight a shit-ton. At least a mirror-shit-ton. I’m going to guess at least 25 lbs.

Why does it weigh so much?

Here’s what I know. It’s old. At least 100 years. My mother has referred to it as “the silver mirror.” I thought it was because they’d used some kind of silver leaf in the mirroring process, but now, having taken it for a tour around my yard, I wonder–could there be a sheet of silver in the mirror as a reflective surface? Is that why it’s so heavy?

Or maybe a small, flattened black hole?

I don’t know. I turn to you, dear readers.

The Coyotes are Down from the Hills

Coyotes around here, normally, if they come down into the fields and yards, are very quiet about it. You can hear them up in the hills fairly often, but not down here where folks are.

Which is not to say that the coyotes aren’t down here pretty regularly, just that they aren’t primarily living here.

But a couple of times a year, I have noticed that they move down into the pastures–during the coldest parts of the winter, for sure, and starting Tuesday night, right now. I heard them chirping to the northwest of us and all of the animals who are not MIA hurried inside. Wednesday morning, Mrs. Wigglebottom did not even want to go for a walk. She just wanted to stand and sniff the air since the breeze was blowing from the northwest.

Last night, at least one of them must have been in the cow pasture, because the neighbor dogs were going crazy, growling in this deep way that said “Don’t fuck with us! Oh, and, hey, can someone let us in the house? Like right now?” Mrs. Wigglebottom growled nervously from where she was pressed right next to me, but not loud enough that anyone could hear her.

It’s funny, if you watch your dog long enough, you notice how, when she’s normally sniffing, trying to decide where to pee, that it is about seeing what other dogs have been there and adding her bit of information to the mix.

This morning, by the far field, she caught a scent of something and her whole body went tense. She would not be moved from that patch of grass for a good five minutes. But she wouldn’t pee there. She looked around, then she held her body in a way I’ve not seen her do before, with her head and tail almost level, but slightly lower, than the line of her back, and she moved off a few feet and peed over there.

I don’t know much about dog body language, but it was as if she was signaling to some unseen canine “Look, I’m not trying to fuck with you, I’m not saying I’m higher in rank than you, but I am saying that I will fuck with you, if you fuck with me. I’m not submissive, either.” I didn’t see anybody, but I swear, the dog was happy when we turned around to go home.