Saturday Blues

Blah blah blah. Do some dishes. Eradicate some fleas.

Ha, when I put it like that, it doesn’t seem so bad. I just have a two item to-do list.

Never mind it will take me all day.

Here’s a funny story. So, I walk the dog in the morning. And I come in and peel off the same pair of socks all week, since they only get worn for a half an hour a day. Last night, I was sitting here on the couch and I smelled something so vile that my first thought was “Oh no, the tiny cat died under the couch and we just didn’t notice.”

And then I realized, it was those socks.

I was reading up on dybbuks yesterday and I learned that some Jewish folks believe that, not only can bad spirits or spirits who have to resolve something enter your body, but that sometimes a good soul can come in and help you when you are engaged in some huge endeavor. This, apparently, accounts for why you can feel depressed after you have achieved something great. You feel the absence of the soul who was so intimately engaged with helping you reach your goal.

I don’t know how wide-spread a belief that is. But I love the recognition of the kind of blah that can set in when things work out.

Those are the kind of blahs I’m having today. Everything is working out. I have a plan I can execute. My day is full of things that I will do.

Still, I have the blahs.

I’m actually looking forward to the arrival of my parents. Again.