More on Tractor Supply Co.

First, there is NOT a Tractor Supply on Dickerson. But second, and more fun, was watching my mom stand in the pet aisle saying, “But we have to get Frontline from the vet!!!!”

We spent all afternoon driving around looking for a push mower, which they decided we needed. And I picked up some ear rinse for the dog, who has been itching at her ear. I thought, of course, ear mites, but we all looked in her ears and none of us saw anything in there. So, we decided to just rinse them out and see how it goes.

She was not amused, but bless her heart, she tolerated both the liquid and ear rubbing.

Anyway, knock on wood, it’s bee a nice visit.

And I had, for the first time in my life, a cherry lime-ade from Sonic and it was awesome. It was… I don’t even know. Like summer.

My parents were complaining that lots of small stuff made me happy. And I said, “if you have a lot of small things that make you happy, it’s hard for anyone to take it all from you.”

Who is the Patron Saint of Patience with Your Parents?

My mom has some big plan for the problem area of my yard (between me and the neighbor’s). My plan? Convert back to yard. Her plan? Also seems to be “convert back to yard.”

So, I tell my mom that my only concern is about getting the irises out of there. She asks where I want to move them.

I tell her that my big plan for this fall is to completely address all of the irises in the yard, to dig up about half of them and give them away and spread the other half out.

My mom gets this disgusted look on her face.

“I’m sorry. I think that’s like your grandmother asking people to come to her house to look at her old clothes to see if there are any they might want to ask people to come over and take your iris bulbs.”

“Really? You think giving people for free something they’d pay good money for otherwise on the condition that they come get them is equivalent to giving away moth-ridden clothing?”

“Yes, it just seems tacky.”

“And how did you get the lilies in your yard.”

“Oh, so-and-so gave them to me.”

“So, it’s only tacky if I do it? My shit’s not good enough for normal folks.”

“Well, I guess that does sound stupid when you put it that way. But I’m just in a state. I’ve been in Battle Creek all week.”