Yes I Did!

I made them stop at Sonic again yesterday for a Cherry Lime-ade.

It was a reward for having to go to Walmart.


8 thoughts on “Yes I Did!

  1. Oh, wow, the other deliciousness at Sonic is the cheddar peppers SuperSonic cheesburger. It might have just been a special, but maybe they can still make it. A cheeseburger with cheese-stuffed jalapenos on it. OH MY SO DELICIOUS.

  2. You won’t want to hear this so I’ll just post the link and let you decide if you want to click on it:

    Cherry Limeade nutritional information. The amount of sugar & sodium alone makes my head hurt.

    Fortunately the internet is full of recipes offering healthy alternatives for fast food favorites. Here’s a cherry limeade recipe using honey (and I would switch to agave nectar, which is a great sweetener because it doesn’t affect your blood sugar).

  3. Southern Beale, I also enjoy rubbing the bellies of puppies and yet, they have a tendency to shit on me and bite. Should I just go ahead and not adore rubbing puppy bellies because it carries with it some risk or is it only unabashed joy at food items that’s a problem?

    If I just cry Uncle and say you’re a better person than me and will live longer and suffer less, can I just have some space on my own damn blog to unabashedly enjoy something without having someone pop up to make sure everyone knows I’m sinning?

    Believe me. Everyone already knows.

  4. Eww Kitty, did not know that about agave! So much for the non-glycemic thing.

    Aunt B: I’m quite certain I’m not a better person than you, nor anyone else. Just sharing some information. Take it, don’t, no skin off my nose.

    Just having a conversation. I thought that’s what blogs were all about. My mistake.

  5. Blogs are about having a conversation, but even by prefacing your previous comment with “you won’t want to hear this,” you know that the nutritional content and/or value was not the conversation at hand. By prefacing your comment with “you won’t want to hear this,” you also acknowledged that previous unsolicited commentary about nutritional content and/or value has been unwelcome in the past.

    And mistakes by definition are unintentional.

    B is an educated, intelligent woman with internet access. If she wants to find out what’s in limeade, she can do so easily. Why anyone would be compelled to derail a comment thread about something that delighted her into how it’s so unhealthy, especially when that has gone nowhere constructive before, is beyond me.

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