True Blood: “Now Time for the Weather!”

All I can say is “Holy shit.” That might have been the most perfect episode of True Blood ever. I can’t believe Russel. I can’t believe Nan was drinking real blood. I can’t believe fucking Jason was smart enough to kill that dude. Everything. I even like the witch. We all agree the new waitress is a witch, right? i feel like that was totally anvilishious.  And I think Jesus has to be one of the most… I don’t know… I just giggle every time he’s on screen. And I cheered on Sam, which is wrong.

Oh, Holy Crap!

I have submitted the files. I have chosen my distribution channels. I have failed to understand when I might use discount codes. And I have set a list price.

The next steps are as follows:

1. Wait to hear from them that the files all look fine and usable on their end.

2. Freak out a little, no matter what the outcome.

3. If not fine, pass along to the knowledgeable person who can take care of it. Resubmit. Freak out a little.

4. If fine, await proof copy. Of actual book.

I repeat–number 4 means I will see a copy of the actual book.

And then I will throw up.

And squeal with delight.

Holy shit. This is really happening.

The Park and the Dog

I guess y’all have a sneak preview of what I’m writing about at Pith! This article and Cleveland Park, which has weird lumps, but is otherwise very nice. No, even the lumps are nice. They’re just weird. And that tree. Lordy, I about hugged that tree, but I didn’t want to startle the church-goers.

Oh, the Perils of Rereading!

Samantha got me a cleaned up version of the typeset manuscript, which I spent the morning reading through. The trouble with and nice thing about having a clean manuscript is that, once most of the errors are gone, your own fuck-ups stand out like turds on a wedding dress. I switched a cop’s gender mid-paragraph. I had the wrong woman moving to Nashville in another story. And a handful of other things like that.

But the good thing is that I had time away from the manuscript. When you’re working on the same thing over and over again, it’s a struggle to bring fresh eyes to it–to be able to see it how it is instead of seeing it how you know it should be. When you write something, you know what you mean to say. When you look at that writing enough, you can start to see what you mean to say instead of what you’re actually saying.

Having some time when you don’t think of it at all is a real blessing, because it lets you see the stuff that is before you.

And this morning, I saw that I really like it. I finished it and I thought it was the best I could do, the most beautiful thing I could do, and I feel really proud.

In celebration, I think I’m going to eat the French Fry Po’ Boy today, because someone has to try it.