Oh Books, I Have Missed You

The Butcher has one of our bookshelves full of books and I have to tell you, I hadn’t realized how much I missed having them at hand until I had them at hand again. Seven boxes of books fit on one of the shelves. Four boxes are left. Hopefully none of them are moldy.

He has strict orders to just throw out the moldy ones without telling me, because it will break my heart, but so far he has not found any.

Thank the gods for small favors.

The Ways of My Mom are Subtle and Almost Unseen

So, my dad calls me just now to say that, since two people they know bought homes right after they retired and now don’t like their neighborhoods and are moving, my dad has decided that, when my mom retires, they will rent for a few years in whatever place they decide to live, so that they can get a feel for where they might want to be–and here’s the part that has my mom all over it–and so they won’t be stuck anywhere they discover they don’t like.

Believe me, if my dad is coming up with reasons to advocate taking a measured and thoughtful strategy, one that makes sense, especially when one is planning to move to a whole new town in a whole new region, someone has gotten to him.

And I think we all know that’s my mom.

People, the relief I feel over this is immeasurable. I also sensed hesitancy in his voice when he talked about moving to Georgia.

So, upon reflection, I don’t think it was just my mom. But they say in Marketing that a person has to be exposed to something three times before it becomes real (and thus a need). So, I think my mom either had a little Come to Jesus meeting which was backed up by the friends’ bad experiences OR she was smart enough to back up their experiences with a subtle “but what if that were us?”

More On Chris Jackson

He’s got his second post up at Coates’s today and I just want to point and him and be all, “You… you… I see what you’re up to.” Maybe he doesn’t really know what he’s up to. But I feel like I see it–one way forward. I mean, damn, look at how he exhibits a passion for books and a mastery of language. You read what he’s saying and you trust that he’s thought about it and he writes in ways that makes me feel like he’d be someone who could do the invisible work of editing a manuscript.

He’s just posted twice and already I find myself saying, “Oh, I should be sure to check those books he mentions out.”

Are we on the verge of seeing the acquiring editor stepping into a public role of tastemaker?

I feel like we are.

Just Some Things

1. This line of Busy Mom‘s cracked me up. “Busy D. is the only one we haven’t broken, yet. But, his soccer season is still early.”

2. I’m really excited for Barry, but I think when you get a review like this, it’s a little more than someone being “incredibly kind” and into the realm of you just kicking ass. If you’re not already reading up on his book, you should be. It’s good fun and he’s talking some about his process, which I love.

3. Speaking of Barrys, Barry Mazor is writing at the 9513 now. How did I miss this? How can I not fall over from awesomeness?

4. This is the thing that frightens me most about the Fisk deal–they want to sell that whole collection for $30 million dollars. Individual artists in that collection have had pieces go for twice that much, if not more. But even saying that, for some reason, O’Keefe gave them the shittiest pieces in her husband’s collection (which she did not), five or six of those pieces together could easily go for $30 million dollars. I think it’s nice and honorable if institutions stick to their donor agreements and I would not give Fisk anything of value if I had it to give, in the wake of this. But I think they have the right to sell the collection if they want, even if it isn’t right that they do so.

But that price. It doesn’t pass the smell test. It’s got to be way too low for what the collection is worth. And what’s $30 million in the face of what Fisk needs to survive?

See what I’m saying? It’s too low for the value of the art and it’s too little to really turn Fisk around. Why wouldn’t they sell the art for what it’s worth, which might be an amount that could actually help Fisk?

I feel like we’re watching a slow motion theft, someone getting out the last of the good stuff right before the doors lock for the last time.