Anyway, About that Meeting this Morning

Samantha’s putting together an actual website for A City of Ghosts, so we were talking about that. It looks so good and she’s all “We could also do this and also do that.” Which it’s like basically, if she handed me five billion dollars and then said, “and you could also have ice cream!”

Well, damn. Okay.

Anyway, good stuff. But it just reminds me more and more how lucky I am to have her and Beth and Chris all contributing to the look of the book. If I were designing the book’s webpage, if somehow I was struck with the skills to even know where to start, it would look like this:

Don’t be afraid, that’s not a real ghost.

Actual Conversations with My Brothers This Morning

The Funny

“Hey, I’m going to meet with Samantha about some book stuff. I’ll be back by lun… Did you just get in?”

“I don’t know.”

I repeat–“I don’t know.”

The Peculiar (over the Phone)

“Get this! This lady was all racist to me at work.”

“How so?”

“She kept saying shit about Jews.”

“Well, that’s bigoted in your vicinity, but…”

“No, Betsy, she told me she knew I was a Jew and then she badmouthed Jews the whole time I was there.”

“Oh my god, what did you do?”

“I fucking overcharged her ass, of course.”


“I feel a little guilty about it, though, because she’s going to think I ripped her off because I’m Jewish, not because she’s a racist bitch. That doesn’t seem fair to real Jewish people.”