In Tennessee, We Have Muslims Named ‘Cami’

This is what I was trying to get at here. Yes, we have a bunch of dumbasses doing dumbass crap. But we also have Tennesseans like Cami and Ben Lemming. So, why not, when you see something like this, be proud to be a Tennessean like those folks, instead of being embarrassed to be a Tennessean like the scary internet conspiracy woman?

Lump me in with Ben and Cami, that’s fine.

8 thoughts on “In Tennessee, We Have Muslims Named ‘Cami’

  1. Probably a diminutive of Kamilla (or, in this case, likely spelled Camilla), a fairly common Arabic name meaning “perfection.”

  2. I thought it was a nicely done piece that didn’t seek to diminish Murfreesboro, just point out how fucking batshit crazy the mosque’s opponents (and their WACKO LEADER) are.

  3. Yeah, I always cringe when Tennessee shows up anywhere in the national news. I was *so happy* when Ben Lemming opened his mouth and said what he said. It occurred to me that this influx of troops coming back from Iraq may force the tea partiers, who certainly claim to love the troops, to reckon with some sense-talking. “We’ve just been fighting for and with Muslims for 8 years in Iraq, and now you want us to hate them? What is wrong with you people?”

  4. Oh, Dr. J, those aren’t the real troops. Like the survivors of September 11 victims who support building Cordoba House aren’t real survivors. They’re all self-hating self-haters who hate America. Really.

  5. Nm, yeah, there will be some of that, I’m sure. But I really do wonder if the length of the war(s) and the economics in the country make that impossible. I honestly think that the days in which you could count on the “weirdos” leaving for places more liberal are over for 85% of the “weirdos” in the state. They just can’t afford to go anywhere.

    Which is going to force a lot of places in this state to really rapidly integrate a lot of folks they’ve been able to freeze out until now–vets who’ve been around the world and seen some things just for starters.

    So, I am curious, as Dr. J. is, to see what happens when folks come home.

  6. Good call Megan!:)

    You are correct! There are too many people out there that give lip service to
    the Bill of Rights, and Freedom but when it comes time to put up or shut up they want to deny all sorts of Freedoms to others.
    Such people wave the flag all day long and wrap themselves in it, but are all too eager to throw out the Constitution and the things it stands for.
    They seem to care more about symbols than what those symbols are supposed to represent.

    I am sick of such people who say ‘I support freedom of religion….BUT’
    or ‘I support Freedom of speech…BUT’
    I call such people BUTTheads.

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