Why the Dog Was Rolling Over

One of the Butcher’s friends from back in the day stopped by with her adorable son. And he played and played and played with that dog. They had great tugs-o-war. They ran around. She sat for him and kind of fetched for him. And she rolled over for me, when she knew he was watching.

And then he sat on our couch, his little legs dangling over the side, with a Hot Pocket and a glass of milk and it just… it just made me happy. I wish we had little kids over all the time. They just laugh in this big, open way.

Last night I had yet another “I’m about to give birth/I’m giving birth” dreams. I assume because of the book. In this one, I was about to give birth and two guys I only know from the internet were going to be my midwives. So, I had to go to the airport to get them. Only, since I don’t know them in real life, I didn’t quite know what they looked like. So, it had the same kind of feeling as the “I have to take a test in a class I haven’t gone to all semester and I don’t know where the classroom is” dream, that kind of urgent panic, like you’re going to miss the test, only, in this case, if I couldn’t find the guys, I was going to have to give birth alone, and now, obviously, in the airport.

What that had to do with the little kid visitor, I’m not sure. But it’s too late now, I’m not going back and splitting them into two posts.

My anxiety levels are off the charts. Whew, seriously, I am about the least fun person to be around at the moment.

One thought on “Why the Dog Was Rolling Over

  1. I happen to think that said friend would be more than happy to bring the laughing child back for a visit ^_^ He had a great time!

    I think I could offer a rental program :P

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