BooOOOOooooK Things

So, the second proof came. I looked at it only long enough to verify that it contained the right innards and then I ordered my review copies. They have to go out next week or the beginning of the week after at the latest. So, mistakes. There may be some. But it’s too late to fret about that crap.

So, yes, hypothetically, you could order the book right now if you wanted to. You’ll probably soon see it up at Amazon, for instance. But I’m hoping you wait until next week, when I’ll give you a link to order it directly from the printer and a coupon code to get 15% off. If, for some reason, Amazon wants to give you a better discount than that, you should go for it. But I don’t know if they will. Probably not.

We’ll also be getting the Kindle version up in the next little bit. I’ll let you know when that happens.

But things are slowly trickling out in preparation for the October launch. So, yes, we’ll still have a story a night here in October. They’ll be rough drafts of the stories in the book (or half of them. The other half were first published here last year.) But please, feel free to buy the book as early as it’s available (which should be next week).

I just have three requests.

1. If you like it, tell someone. I don’t have any marketing money, so I’m depending on your word of mouth.

2. If you don’t like it, please, give your copy to someone, even if it’s only so that the two of you can complain together about how terrible it is. Loudly, and in public. Please, if you hate it, complain loudly in public about it and call it evil. That’s all I’m asking. You don’t have to like it, but if you hate it, please publicly call it evil. Say that it glorifies Satan or something.

3. My goal is to sell 333 copies. If you are a church group looking to burn my book because it is evil and glorifies Satan, if you are willing to hold up my book in front of television cameras and denounce it, I will give you a 50% discount on bulk purchases of my book to burn. It’s worth it to me to meet my sales goal.

Okay, that’s everything. Whew, this is really happening. I’m making time this weekend to address envelopes for press releases.

In Which I Roll My Eyes

Listen, an income tax might be the most unpopular thing in Tennessee since allowing babies to butter moldy bread with sharp knives, but that doesn’t mean it’s a stupid idea. There are good reasons for enacting one and very good reasons for not enacting one (I know that may seem surprising, coming from me, but I actually do think that the chances of the state legislature enacting an income tax and keeping the sales tax near 10% is probably pretty damn likely. I don’t trust them not to.).

But that doesn’t mean it’s a stupid idea.  Just politically unpopular.

So, it really makes me roll my eyes to see Democrats try to make political hay out of opposing the income tax.

I know I’m just burnt out, but I’m so damn tired of everything the political parties in this state do being so damn… political. I mean, seriously, it’s like folks have forgotten that this is supposed to be about doing what’s best for the state, not about whose team wins, no matter what the tactics.

Still No Justice for Henry Granju

Every day, every single day, at least one person comes to this blog looking because of a “Henry Granju” search. And I have not written about him prolifically, as you know, if you read me. People still care.

I mention that because I can’t help but suspect that the authorities involved in this case think that, if they just can keep it out of the news, out of the public discussion, that people will forget.

I would point out that some folks will not be able to forget.

I want to make two points.

One, parents send their young adult children to Knoxville every year. A number of those young adult children will do things so heartbreakingly stupid that it will shake their families to the core. If they are lucky, they will find their way back from that. If they are not, they won’t. Knoxville has a brewing PR disaster on its hands if parents don’t feel that they can count on the authorities to do their jobs.

Two, the police have the job of determining if a crime has been committed and then investigating that crime. It is up to the DA to decide whether there’s a strong enough case to prove a crime has been committed in a court of law. It is not the job of the police to walk into a crime scene and decide “well, he’s just a junkie; that’s never going to court” or “he brought this on himself, so let’s move on to victims who matter.” If they come upon evidence of a crime, they’re supposed to investigate that crime.

If that’s not happening in Knoxville, that’s a problem for everyone in Knoxville. Police who don’t follow proper procedure because they’ve decided you’re not worth it don’t keep that kind of attitude relegated to just the drug addicts. Do the drunken rape victims get their full attention or are they not worth it? If you drove through the wrong part of town in too nice a car and you got carjacked, is that too stupid to warrant justice?

The police deciding that some victims just aren’t worth the bother should scare the shit out of all of us.