In Which I Roll My Eyes

Listen, an income tax might be the most unpopular thing in Tennessee since allowing babies to butter moldy bread with sharp knives, but that doesn’t mean it’s a stupid idea. There are good reasons for enacting one and very good reasons for not enacting one (I know that may seem surprising, coming from me, but I actually do think that the chances of the state legislature enacting an income tax and keeping the sales tax near 10% is probably pretty damn likely. I don’t trust them not to.).

But that doesn’t mean it’s a stupid idea.  Just politically unpopular.

So, it really makes me roll my eyes to see Democrats try to make political hay out of opposing the income tax.

I know I’m just burnt out, but I’m so damn tired of everything the political parties in this state do being so damn… political. I mean, seriously, it’s like folks have forgotten that this is supposed to be about doing what’s best for the state, not about whose team wins, no matter what the tactics.

2 thoughts on “In Which I Roll My Eyes

  1. I’m with you. Nothing frustrates me more about Democrats in Tennessee (except, perhaps, for everything that Mike McWherter has said about the ICM).

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