Still No Justice for Henry Granju

Every day, every single day, at least one person comes to this blog looking because of a “Henry Granju” search. And I have not written about him prolifically, as you know, if you read me. People still care.

I mention that because I can’t help but suspect that the authorities involved in this case think that, if they just can keep it out of the news, out of the public discussion, that people will forget.

I would point out that some folks will not be able to forget.

I want to make two points.

One, parents send their young adult children to Knoxville every year. A number of those young adult children will do things so heartbreakingly stupid that it will shake their families to the core. If they are lucky, they will find their way back from that. If they are not, they won’t. Knoxville has a brewing PR disaster on its hands if parents don’t feel that they can count on the authorities to do their jobs.

Two, the police have the job of determining if a crime has been committed and then investigating that crime. It is up to the DA to decide whether there’s a strong enough case to prove a crime has been committed in a court of law. It is not the job of the police to walk into a crime scene and decide “well, he’s just a junkie; that’s never going to court” or “he brought this on himself, so let’s move on to victims who matter.” If they come upon evidence of a crime, they’re supposed to investigate that crime.

If that’s not happening in Knoxville, that’s a problem for everyone in Knoxville. Police who don’t follow proper procedure because they’ve decided you’re not worth it don’t keep that kind of attitude relegated to just the drug addicts. Do the drunken rape victims get their full attention or are they not worth it? If you drove through the wrong part of town in too nice a car and you got carjacked, is that too stupid to warrant justice?

The police deciding that some victims just aren’t worth the bother should scare the shit out of all of us.

4 thoughts on “Still No Justice for Henry Granju

  1. Police who are underpaid make a lot of money from looking the other way (or facilitating the drug trade). The cops in Knoxville are paid somewhat less than major metro cops in the rest of Tennessee, but Knoxville cracked the top 75 most dangerous cities in the US a couple of years back. I am increasingly of the mind that they have found that they can’t investigate this one without exposing something that Knoxville doesn’t want to know about the KPD.

  2. I think it’s simpler than that; I think that the family of one of the people involved has enough pull to make them not investigate. Which, of course, is something they wouldn’t like to have revealed, but not quite the way you mean, Bridgett.

  3. I was sort of wondering if one of the perps was a C.I. But then again, I watch a lot of Law & Order.

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