Donal Logue Gets Younger and Younger

I am weary from being anxious. But I had a lovely dream that Donal Logue was getting drunk waiting for me at a bar, while I was getting it on with Sean Bean, after which I would go to the bar and get it on with Donal Logue. Make of that what you will.

But I was looking up Donal Logue, to make sure I spelled his name right, and I see IMDB has him born in 1966, while Wikipedia has him born in both 1969 and 1970. I feel like, if I hit refresh often enough, soon he will be younger than me.

I’m really terrified of the whole thing just being a fiasco. Not spending the afternoon getting it on with hot UK dudes, but the book. I know this terror is just a part of it, something to be moved through with as much grace as possible, but fuck me.

Ha, and I think that was the whole point of my dream!

Brief Things

1. I am refraining from hollering “It’s Matt’s font! It’s Matt’s font!” at the Butcher who is trying to sleep and who has no idea who Radley Balko is. But look! It’s Matt’s font! I knew that font when it was a baby.

2. Lovely. I really hope the FBI tracks that fucker down and makes him uncomfortable for a few minutes. My favorite part, though, and I mean this sincerely, is that it cuts through all this Ground Zero mosque rhetoric. Fuckers here don’t give a shit about New York City. They think it’s a fucked up place that lets fucked up things happen. Things “we” are not going to let happen. Yes, we’ve lost every cultural battle in the history of America except for Elvis, but damn it, we’re still gonna fight them.

3. And now they’re shooting. Seriously. It is past time for community leaders–politicians and ministers–to remind folks that Jesus said “Do unto others as you’d have done unto you.” You don’t want people firing guns at you when you go to church or setting the stuff left in your church parking lot on fire, don’t fucking do it to other people. If you can’t refrain from that, you are not a Christian and so should stop blathering on about this being a Christian nation. Even if this were a Christian nation, you do shit like this and support shit like this? YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN.

4. I have no sympathy for this position. Publishers sell books at different prices to different people and that’s out of the author’s control and the author just has to accept whatever royalties they get from whatever arrangement the publisher has made. So, why am I supposed to think it’s so bad if an author makes a deal with Amazon and Amazon makes pricing decisions that are beyond the author’s control and the author just has to accept whatever royalties she gets? How is that any different?

5. I told NM about my “Al-Abama” theory at lunch on Friday and she laughed this laugh she has where you know she’s been hit completely by surprised delight. You get her to laugh like that and you’re like “score!” Then she said, “Abama sounds almost like it could be a word, you know?” So, she rolled it over in her mind some and said “Oh, it’s just one letter away from ‘Obama’.” And that made me laugh, so I stole it for my post about my Al-Abama conspiracy. Granted, it would have been a more enjoyable funny if people hadn’t started terrorizing Muslim Murfreesborons over the weekend. Now it’s the kind of funny that leaves a coppery taste in your mouth.

But I suspect it was the Daily Show appearance that set all this off–you laugh at a bully and he will try to take you down.

So, I think it’s appropriate to show that the laughter is widespread.