Donal Logue Gets Younger and Younger

I am weary from being anxious. But I had a lovely dream that Donal Logue was getting drunk waiting for me at a bar, while I was getting it on with Sean Bean, after which I would go to the bar and get it on with Donal Logue. Make of that what you will.

But I was looking up Donal Logue, to make sure I spelled his name right, and I see IMDB has him born in 1966, while Wikipedia has him born in both 1969 and 1970. I feel like, if I hit refresh often enough, soon he will be younger than me.

I’m really terrified of the whole thing just being a fiasco. Not spending the afternoon getting it on with hot UK dudes, but the book. I know this terror is just a part of it, something to be moved through with as much grace as possible, but fuck me.

Ha, and I think that was the whole point of my dream!

2 thoughts on “Donal Logue Gets Younger and Younger

  1. I’m jealous of y’all that have these good make out dreams.
    The closest I’ve ever gotten (that I recall) was the one where I was waiting on & spotting David Bowie in a fishing lodge. (Thin White Duke era)

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