I am up on Amazon.com!!!!!

It’s really happening! It’s up on Amazon.com. Yes, there will be a Kindle edition in the next little bit.  Oh, god, I am so tickled. So very tickled.

Okay, but you maybe don’t want to order from Amazon. If you order directly from the printer, you can have 15% off if you use this code: SNLKXXFH

Now, if you don’t want 15% off or if you want to order other books from Amazon, feel free. I don’t really care. I just want you to buy my book and abide by the three guidelines:

1. If you like it, please tell someone.

2. If you don’t like it, please denounce it loudly in public.

3. If you’re a church who wants to burn my book, contact me about bulk discounts on orders over 25.

Oh, holy shit.

Holy fucking shit.

Update: Holy fucking shit again! My Amazon ranking this afternoon is #22,428. Which is pretty amazing.

4:02: Sorry. I know this is obnoxious, but please. This is so damn cool. #15,911.

32 thoughts on “I am up on Amazon.com!!!!!

  1. Amazon is mocking me by saying, “This book is not yet rated. Be the first!”

    I wanna be the first. But I should probably read it first, right?

    Does Amazon really split hairs? C’mon…


  2. I quote the Queen Mum:

    “Are you gonna order one for me? Because I don’t know if I can wait until you get through with your copy to read it.”

    And it’s one more convert for the storytelling gift of Wise Aunt B. Congratulations!

    Woot woot!

  3. I’m ordering it today, and I sent the link to a friend of mine in Illinois who is into storytelling – I told her about the book when I was down there on vacation and she wanted the information about the book as soon as I heard anything. I also published the link on my Facebook page for any of my friends who might be interested.
    This is just so awesome!!!

  4. Please tell me that you’re going to make use of the “Yes, I’m Drunk. So What? Fuck off!” tag sometime soon.

  5. I already told the guys at work about your book. They’re like, “Bring it in, we’ll read it when we’re slow.” Hee hee, spooky ghost stories at the shop!

  6. I ordered it from the printer, just to be different, but they sure do some slow shipping. So if I don’t run up and ask you to sign my copy the next time I see you, it’ll be because it hasn’t gotten here yet. Phooey

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  8. Aw, y’all are the best. The Kindle version should be coming very soon. I probably should have waited to spring the print version until the Kindle version was ready to go, but I was so excited when I saw it!

    Whew, it’s a real book.

    As for the cheap, slow shipping, I totally understand. But let me know if it really does take that long to get to you. It’s just coming from South Carolina. Even if they just drop it in the mail book rate, it seems like it shouldn’t be that long.

  9. 3. If you’re a church who wants to burn my book, contact me about bulk discounts on orders over 25.

    I love this!

  10. Well, i was wondering if it would really take that long. It’s not like South Carolina is that far away.

    Anyway, I’m glad to hear you have it.

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