Things, Things, and More Things

–The website exists and looks awesome, thanks to Yeargin Marketing and Creative and Beth and Chris.

The bookpage at the printer now has a snazzy banner, again, thanks to Yeargin Marketing and Creative and Beth and Chris.

–The press releases that are going out in the mail are addressed and envelopes are stuffed.

–The review copies aren’t here yet, but I’m hoping they’ll get here on Thursday.

–My letters are written.

–I’m almost finished with the copyright application.

I got myself made an author on GoodReads.

–If the books come Thursday, I will have everything I can do for the books done on Friday, except for the party. I think I’ve found a good space. I’m just hoping they charge very little.

–And Kindle should be happening in the next couple of days. That has been an interesting learning experience.

–And then we just wait to see what happens.

6 thoughts on “Things, Things, and More Things

  1. I’ll be honest. Goodreads kind of blows my mind. It kind of reminds me of the first time I ever went into a Barnes & Noble and there were just all these books everywhere. It was sensory overload.

    That’s how I feel about Goodreads. I mean, they have giveaways?! I guess I’d better find out about that.

  2. Sooo… next time I come to Smashville for a hockey game, can I get a perosnal Aunt B. Ghost Tour???

    That? Would be totally awesome.

  3. But that just makes it more awesome! It would combine a literary AND ghost tour! And if that mysterious predator in the tunnels goes under the Predators hockey stadium, how cool a tie-in is that?

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