2 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. I’m going to be honest–I don’t know what to make of it. She went to her own house to check on her own dog and no one outside the house heard any noises? Not her screaming? Not the dog barking? Not her falling? And she had the dog nearly a decade? How did the dog even get to her head and neck without there being some kind of commotion?

    I don’t know. That’s a pretty sparse story for me to understand.

    I mean, the details they give make it sound like the dog was lying in wait in the house and killed her silently like some kind of ninja assassin.

    That doesn’t sound like any dog attack I’ve ever heard of.

    Add to that the fact that she was 89. I’m pretty sure that, if Mrs. Wigglebottom attacked my face and neck, I’d be incapacitated within seconds, and dead within minutes (which I guess explains the silence). And I’m more than half that age.

    But once I’m dead, why would the dog continue to attack me? Wouldn’t she just start eating me?

    There’s something strange here about how long the attack went on–long enough for the family to feel like she’d been gone too long, long enough for the neighbors to fail to kill it, and long enough for the police to arrive and kill it.

    Once an animal a dog is attacking dies, a dog doesn’t continue to attack it. The dog eats it.

    Now, that would be gruesome and sad as well.

    But I think there must be a little more detail to this story that we’re not getting in that account that would make this make sense.

    Very sad all around, though.

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