So, After a Week…

Has it really only been a week? And yet somehow it’s already been a week?

You’ll remember that my goal is to sell 333 books.

After a week, I’ve sold 50 book books and 16 Kindle books. For better or for worse, I think I have marketed the crap out of the book to everyone I know. So, if I’m going to reach my goal, I have to find some way of reaching people I don’t know.

Ha, so I hope some stuff comes together! Or that the 50 people who bought it read it and are like “I need 6 copies to give to my friends and family for Christmas!!!!”



But the feedback I’ve gotten on the book has been great. People do seem to really love it and are engaged with it.  So, I hope something happens so that it catches on.


I read this line at Jo‘s and it brought me up short–“But saying there’s work to be done is another way of saying there is hope.”

That’s just what I needed to hear, though I didn’t know it.

Can Someone Familiar with the Music Industry Explain This to Me?

Why do they turn off embedding on YouTube videos? Do they not understand how YouTube videos work? I mean, do they not get that the video is not being copied, but basically just broadcast? Do they not understand that, when the video does not work where it is, 95% of the time, I just move on? Thus missing the little free commercial for their shit?

It’s weird.

Every time I see it, I think “Here’s some folks who don’t know how the internet works.”