The Butcher Freaks Me Out

So, I’m doing an interview for the book and the last question is, basically, who would I cast in the movie version of my book. Well, really, there’s only one recurring character–the Devil. So, I’m mulling over who could be the right mix of charismatic, sexy, and seem like he might, at any minute, beat the shit out of you for no reason, and also, not so well-known that you’d think too hard about his other roles.

I settled on Brian Austin Green.

So, I came home. I explained the question to the Butcher, explained my criteria and he said, “Megan Fox, right?”

And I was kind of shocked and said, “You couldn’t have been closer and still be wrong.”

Whew, it gave me the heebie jeebies.

My Mom Charms Me

She has been sending me texts as she reads the book, complaining about how creepy it is and how I lied when I told her the stories in the first half weren’t scary (I just said they weren’t as scary as the ones in the second half).

I asked her how far she was and she wrote back that she reads very slowly.

I pressed her on it and she said “April 5th.”

And I laughed, because the story on April 4th–“The House on Sigler Street”–scared the crap out of me a couple of times, too.

Also, she’s not reading slowly at all. If she’s reading a story a night since she got the book, she’s right on schedule.

Along similar lines, how cool is this?

Two Tennessee Things

1. Christine Kreyling has more on the Fisk decision. I think O’Leary is right–that we’re basically choosing between the art and the school. I also think that Fisk’s problems are so large that a sale of a stake in the art is just a stop-gap measure. One thing I think we non-Fisk folks have to consider is that, for Fisk, this is the heart of the discussion–is Fisk more valuable than art? Even if Fisk is more valuable than art, will it continue to exist as it is or at all? One of the things that’s got to be hard is that Fisk’s success (and the success of other HBCUs) planted the seeds of its own end. Fisk’s good work will eventually mean Fisk isn’t needed any more. How do you know when that moment is? I think, frankly, those of us who are not intimately involved need to respect that it’s not our place to say.

2. Things like this honestly make me feel like everyone in our state legislature needs to be voted out. If you don’t have the courage to put up for a vote the money that you need, but you’re more than happy to sneak around behind voters’ backs lining your pockets to the point you think you deserve, you are disgusting. The end. I honestly feel like we are governed by people with the emotional maturity of first semester college freshmen, who, when let out of the house and loose on the big city, lose all sense.