The Reclaimation

I’ve gotten through two boxes and I can’t tell if there are two or three more to go. But, basically, I pitched everything that had visible mold. Just didn’t even mess with it. Everything else got wiped down with a soapy bleach/water mixture and then set out in the afternoon to dry. It’s almost 90 here again, so they dried rather quickly.

So, I brought them inside and put them on the shelves. The bookshelves are so huge that two boxes of books takes up about a shelf and a half of space.

Here’s the big space I found to dry them:

Librarians, Advise!

I’ve only been through two boxes, but two things are apparent–my most beloved books are in these boxes, some of which I can’t replace–stuff from when I worked at Wake and signed copies. It appears that only the bottom books in the box are moldy. So, about eight in each books. Do I have to get rid of all of the books in the box if I find any sign of mold or…

Or could I wipe down the books in a gentle bleach wash and maybe save them?

GoodReads Give Away Books Sent!

Y’all, I’m such a dork. I was going to just send my GoodReads giveaway winners their books directly from the printer, but I realized, if I sent them from here, I could sign them. So I did! And it gave me such a tickle.

Anyway, so, if you’re a winner, look for the book this coming week. I hope you like it.