Another Sighting!

I love seeing my books in the wild. I especially like seeing Chris Wage taking a picture of a camera sitting on a picture Chris Wage took with a camera. Shoot, if I think about it too much, it starts to make me dizzy.

I thought this made Chris recursive, but I looked up “recursive” and it doesn’t quite mean what I thought it did. Well, but god damn it, a recursive acronym is an acronym that contains itself. So couldn’t a recursive Chris Wage photo be a photo that includes a photo Chris Wage took?

Judges, we need a ruling on the field. Is Chris recursive or not?

Exciting Problems to Have

Things seem to be falling into place for the book. I’ll have a list of dates with which I will constantly harass you soon, but today I am considering which ghost stories I want to post at Pith AND how long a book reading should be. You’d think you could google that shit, but I didn’t have much luck. It was all about how to read a book, not how long to read a book out loud to someone before they’re drifting off.

So, I talked to my trusty adviser about it and we settled on about 20 minutes. Or probably one short story and one long story. Then open it up for questions, if there are any, and then kick people!

Ha, no, turns out you should not actually kick people you like and to whom you are grateful. Me and three year olds should make an effort to learn that. (Ha, like how I was all “to whom” and then “me and”? I throw stuff in there like that to humor you grammarians. You’re all “Ooh, nice… oh, what the fuck?!” And then you hit this parenthetical aside and are all “Oh, she’s just messing with me. That B. I like her. I’m totally going to have to kick her the next time I see her, but I like her.” To which I say, “Did you not even read this paragraph? Don’t go around kicking people you like!”)

Whew, I amuse me.

It is Indeed a Mystery, If By “Mystery” We Mean “Not a Mystery”

Poor Stacey Campfield can’t understand why there was outrage and concern when he parked on a public sidewalk without regard for the safety of pedestrians who are supposed to be using that sidewalk and no one will be able to bring themselves to give a shit about whether Craig Fitzhugh was parked illegally on the street.

Gosh, why indeed would it upset and concern people when someone blocks a sidewalk with his car and not when someone parks on the street?

Campfield should holler when he catches a Democrat doing the same thing he did, not when he catches someone doing what he wishes he did.