Getting Excited

Yes, I may have had the kind of day perfectly encapsulated by a gross soap booger, but then I got in my car and I drove home and the Butcher made me laugh. And I cried a little, because it was such a relief to come to a place untouched by the stupidity of my day.

I also did a really good interview, I think, about the book. So, that makes me happy. And tomorrow! Tomorrow the new stories start here. So, if you’re not sure about whether you’d like the book, prepare to see half of it role out all October long. I really like these stories. I mean, I love last year’s too, but I’m excited to tell you these stories.

And, even if you have read them in the book, I hope you’ll still swing by to talk about them in the comments. I know we don’t get to “The Purple Impala” until late in the month, but I’m really curious to know if anyone thought he was full of shit. Not that he was making it up, but that he was having a little bit of a breakdown and that his encounters weren’t real.

I’ll be interested to hear.

I’m also glad the Devil’s back. He’s a fun character to write.

Ooo, and don’t forget that there’s a story every Friday night at Pith. I saw today that the first one is scheduled to actually happen, and that gave me a little thrill.

A Fitting Metaphor for My Day

I was in the bathroom, washing my hands, when I squooshed down on the soap dispenser, as you do, and out came some soap and, at the tail end of it, so way up in there, came what I can only describe as a giant booger.

I have been trying, with my whole imagination, to convince myself that it was just congealed soap.

But damn.

It flopped into the sink looking like a bloody loogey.


Yeah, I walk the Cat and the Dog Some Mornings

We were walking back across the AT&T yard when I saw the orange cat all pissed off waiting for us. Like, “Christ, people, I have been looking everywhere for you.”

Then he walked us home.

I think he was a German Shepherd in a former life.

You can’t really tell it in this picture, but Mrs. Wigglebottom was all excited because we saw a possum in the road. She really wanted to sniff it, but I noticed that it was lying there unsquooshed. So, I wasn’t sure it was actually dead. I made the dog come clear into the middle of the road with me to circle around it.

I mean, sure, it would have been amusing for you if I’d been attacked by a possum, but terrifying for me.

And possibly deadly.

Or so I imagine.