Yeah, I walk the Cat and the Dog Some Mornings

We were walking back across the AT&T yard when I saw the orange cat all pissed off waiting for us. Like, “Christ, people, I have been looking everywhere for you.”

Then he walked us home.

I think he was a German Shepherd in a former life.

You can’t really tell it in this picture, but Mrs. Wigglebottom was all excited because we saw a possum in the road. She really wanted to sniff it, but I noticed that it was lying there unsquooshed. So, I wasn’t sure it was actually dead. I made the dog come clear into the middle of the road with me to circle around it.

I mean, sure, it would have been amusing for you if I’d been attacked by a possum, but terrifying for me.

And possibly deadly.

Or so I imagine.


One thought on “Yeah, I walk the Cat and the Dog Some Mornings

  1. This picture is hilarious, I love it. Perfect. I think some cats that live with dogs really do think they’re dogs, I have one of those I suspect.

    The photo reminds me of an older woman who used to live down the street – I think she must have died or moved because it’s been several years now. She used to walk her small dog two or three times a day, up the street and back down – always with a cat (that I assumed was hers) following behind.

    Oh – live possums usually just don’t move and stare at you (or pretend to be dead), hoping you’ll go away. They might move eventually but usually they just wait for you to scram. My parents found one curled up with some baby kittens we had outdoors when I was a teenager – apparently it thought the kittens were cold and the mama wasn’t there so it just made itself at home. I think my dad did shoo it away (though it didn’t appear to want to hurt the babies).

    Granted, if it was still alive and hurt it might have attacked but they don’t usually. Hence “playing possum” and all that.

    My Doberman found a teeny one in my recycling bin outside the back door once when we were coming back inside and it was all I could do to get her to move and leave it alone. I was getting ready for work and kept checking on it and it was still there, so finally I tipped the bin over and it waddled away. Funniest looking little thing ever.

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