My parents are gone. The Butcher is off butching or whatever. And I feel like I’m alone for the first time in days. And I am loving it a little bit. It’s hard to admit you prefer to spend time by yourself, probably especially if you have a family, but dang, do I really need my alone time.

I do think the Southern Festival of Books went really well. I had to pick my books up on Sunday (or risk them being shipped back to the printer, which would have been a bit of a mess) and there were only four of the twenty I had brought on Friday left.  I think my sales were aided by a great cover and being right by Lydia Peele in the pile.

I also learned some important things about reading out loud in front of a crowd. One, I love it. Two, I wished I’d made more eye-contact. I really wanted to see how people were reacting, what they liked and what they didn’t. Three, I should have used the seat provided to sit in. Instead, I used it as a water bottle holder, which brings me to four: I should have sipped my water as I read, instead of gulping it at the end.

And the visit with my parents was really nice.

And I just heard from a Memphis person on Twitter that the review of the book ran in the physical paper.

I think it not being in bookstores is hurting it, sadly. So, just as we’re discussing self-publishing v. having a publisher, I do think it’s hurt by not being in bookstores.

But what can you do? Live and learn, right?

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