Tuesday Blues

I have been trying to figure out when I’m going to work in my nine nights this year. I have, as long as I’ve done it, done it in October. But I just don’t have nine consecutive nights this month to spend with Them. And I don’t like it. It’s already made the energy of the month seem a little off. Of course, there’s a good and fun reason why I don’t have nine consecutive nights in October, but still.

Yesterday, I was really down all day. I knew there wasn’t any reason for it, except that the weekend had been so packed–Southern Festival of Books, the parents, my brother and nephew, then dinner with my old friend. It was all so good and then it was over and it hit me hard.

I have to tell you, I suspect it’s going to really hit me hard after October. So, I’m going to take my time that first week in November, plan for something to carry me through the inevitable come-down.