A Toast to Bitch PhD

I figure if folks can toast and roast Andrew Sullivan for being a big influence on the blogosphere, I can toast Bitch PhD and nod to its passing. Bitch PhD was the first of the “big feminist” blogs that linked to me. Before that link, I had maybe 30 readers a day and after that I had at least 300. I doubt she even remembers linking to me, but I have never forgotten that kindness.

It’s funny. Yesterday, someone on my twitter feed said something about “this is what cis-feminists say about trans-feminists” (keep in mind, not an exact quote and you only have 140 characters in Twitter; not a lot of room for caveats) and I was all “Oh, god, who said something dumbass now?” and I clicked the link and I not only didn’t know the cis-feminist, I didn’t recognize any of the first handful of commenters.

And I had to laugh at myself because I have been sitting around being all “blogging is dead or dying, all the bloggers are going away, I am somehow, this early in the digital era, an anachronism” and the truth is that the conversation has just moved on. New people I don’t know are having it in new places I don’t go.

That’s as it should be.

I don’t know. I feel like something is changing about my feelings towards Tiny Cat Pants. It’s probably a bad time for that to be happening. You put out a book with a web address in it and you give that book to people who know you but have never heard of the website and you start to get in your head that they have some kind of expectation.

But it doesn’t really interest me–meeting expectations.

Neither does not blogging. But I guess what I’m getting at is that there was this community of feminist bloggers that I felt like I was a part of, even if I was on the edge of it. And that community has changed. And I have changed.

And that seems right. I just don’t know quite how to wrap my head around it. I want something different from the medium than I used to, but I’m not sure what.

I hope to see Bitch and her co-bloggers on down the road. But, if not, a toast to them anyway. That was a blog that meant a lot to me back when I really needed it.


4 thoughts on “A Toast to Bitch PhD

  1. Bitch Phd is one of the first blogs I ever read, months before I started a blog of my own. So I’m feeling sad and nostalgic about it ending.

  2. I used to read her very eagerly, but I guess I started to visit less frequently when she moved to California. But what eye-openers some of the earlier discussions were!

  3. Bitch PhD was also one of the first blogs I read. I stopped reading her a while back, but I’m sad to hear they’re closing up shop. Man, this is a good-old-days moment.

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