People, it was awesome. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it was. It was packed with people, most of whom I knew, some of whom I only knew from blogging, and a few I didn’t know at all. We had to bring out chairs from the bank and still some people ended up having to sit on hay bales.

And there was a smoke machine! A smoke machine which spewed smoke. I half expected a tiny Stonehenge to descend from someplace.

The patio was perfect and the Butcher shouted “Encore” at the end and I had such a good time.

That is all. I just feel really happy and proud and thankful.

Thanks to everyone who came out. I really, really appreciate it.

10 thoughts on “Ri’chard’s

  1. There’s a house with a tiny Stonehenge in the front yard on my sister’s block…maybe you could borrow it for all your readings. I’m glad it was fun – I was thinking of you last night!

  2. Shoot! You should see if your sister can find out where they got it. I’d have a lot of use for a tiny Stonehenge, now that I think about it.

  3. And to think I was considering not coming.

    I now can’t imagine a world in which I made that decision.

    Thanks for hosting. It was good to have finally taken an opportunity to meet you and a number of the folks that hang out ’round here.

  4. The reading was great! The fog was great, the people were great, etc., etc., etc. And I like that old building.

  5. It was an awesome time, B., so thanks for inviting me. :) So good to see people I haven’t seen in a long time and to meet new faces I’d previously only seen the user names of on your blog!

  6. The batwings were, as the waitress told me and Mr. Coble as she rolled her eyes, “just chicken wings. He likes to give them stupid names.” She then rattled off a litany of stupid names indeed. We got the fried mushrooms.

    It was a wonderful, wonderful once in a lifetime experience I was so grateful you shared with me.

  7. I told her she should ask a while back but she said she hasn’t because she feels guilty because her dog always tries to pee on it and there’s a struggle that results so she just says hi if the people are out. That was when the dog was younger and more energetic so I might suggest that she ask again now that the dog is a gentlemanly senior citizen.

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