It Was the Best of Readings; It Was the Worst of Readings

Whew, this weekend has been stuffed and yet, somehow, it’s only 1:30 on Sunday. I don’t know if this means I should spend the rest of the day relaxing on the couch or if I should go find something to fill my time.

Friday was the reading at the Goddess and the Moon. It was what I might term a wonderful disappointment. Only four people showed up. And they were all four people that I know and like a great deal. So, yeah, if I were going to read stories to four people I know and like, normally, I would have just had them out to the house. But it was nice and we had a lovely discussion about the Bell Witch which can be summed up as “There probably wasn’t a witch or a haunting but something very strange happened in the Bell household.”

But it was disappointing, too, because I don’t want to just read to people I know.

So, on Saturday, my brother came up from Georgia and we patched the hole in the driveway. We ran blacktop patch around the one side with the biggest cliff to try to cushion the cliff some. Then we filled the hole with pea gravel. Then we looked at each other and said “Blacktop isn’t going to hold that pea gravel in place. We’ll just be dealing with this same mess next year, when the gravel washes away.” And so we went and got almost 500 lbs of dry concrete, mixed it up one bag at a time, and dumped it on top of the gravel.

And now, it obviously looks like a cock and balls. I’ll have to post a picture of it so that you can see.

Then I went to another tiny reading, but this time it was to three people I didn’t know, and we also talked a lot about publishing, and they said they got chills and so it was awesome! It’s not that I don’t love to read to people I know. Of course I do. But my problem has always been how to reach people I don’t know.

Honestly, I kind of feel like that might be a problem larger than I can solve. It may need a champion who is not me to say “Hey, everyone, here is this awesome book.” And I don’t know who that would be that would strike the larger public’s imagination, but I think that’s what it needs.

This morning, we went over to the Farmhouse at Fontanel for breakfast and I thought it was fabulous. I had French toast with bacon, which was perfectly cooked. Our other brother had pancakes, which were fabulous, and the Butcher had biscuits and gravy with home fries. He thought the home fries were not hot enough, but otherwise, liked it. I think. He’s been a little squirrelly this weekend.

So, I definitely recommend it for breakfast.

Then the dog and I went to West Park and it was lovely, though very dusty as the baseball diamonds were trying to make a break for it, catching the wind and heading on up into our nostrils. West Park has a mysterious lump, smaller than I have seen at other parks, but decorated! I am excited to write about it for Pith to see if anyone knows what the lump is or why people have decorated it.

So, yeah, the book. I don’t know. Something needs to happen, but I’m not sure what.

And someone needs to weed my herb garden, but I don’t see anyone out there doing it.

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  1. I wanted soooo badly to go to both of these, but my driving partner was in Detroit seeing Roger Waters.

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