Some People Don’t Get to Vote for Gary Moore and I am Sad for Them

Is Gary Moore a genius or does he just have someone on his campaign staff who is and, if it is the latter, can we put that person to work for the TNDP?

Check out Moore’s latest mailer. It’s basically “Do you want someone who sits around in his parents’ house eating Red Hots by the jar and typing away on his computer as your State Rep?” It’s basically “Let’s channel all people’s unease about kids today and bloggers and people who look vaguely like Jack Osborne into a mailer!”

It’s brilliant. Even the way the photo is leveled by the jar of Red Hots, thus leaving everything else slightly askew has a nice unsettling effect.

If Moore wins reelection (good lord willing), he needs to give some seminars to his fellow Dems on how to do hardball right.

5 thoughts on “Some People Don’t Get to Vote for Gary Moore and I am Sad for Them

  1. Not knowing much about politics, I assumed he was referring to Stacey Campfield. Because he seems like someone who would still live with his parents and eat Red Hots out of a jar. Although, I guess that wouldn’t be the most ridiculous thing he’s done.

  2. I love the “He seems like a nice young man…” (but maybe he’s a total doofus) damning with faint praise. Yes, you don’t kill pissants with cannons.

  3. Megan, I honestly wondered if the idea of having Hall sitting in front of his computer wasn’t supposed to make folks think of Campfield like “Do you want another conservative blogging state rep?”

  4. Yeah, that’s a good ad.
    He’s got my vote. Or he used to when I lived in his district. Now I am in Turner’s district.
    Moore will actually have a real conversation on the phone with constituents, he will reply to your emails, even irate ones. That’s more than can be said for Turner and Sen. Haynes.

  5. Really? Turner’s hard to get a hold of? Hmm. I’m torn. He should be more available to his constituents, but hopefully not at the expense of his blog reading.

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