The TNDP Does Campfield Wrong and Other Things

–I think Stacey Campfield is a vile fucker who never met a piece of legislation that stuck it to women (and babies he doesn’t like) that he couldn’t wait to skip down the hall and get Senator Bunch to co-sponsor with him. But suggesting that Campfield would put guns in the hands of convicted rapists or child sex predators is bullshit. Is there really no one at the TNDP to ask “How would we like it if the TNGOP pulled this crap with a Democrat? Oh, we would not like that. Therefore, we should not do it.” And great, now he rightfully gets to play the wronged victim of a smear campaign between now and the election. TNDP, do you want him to win?

Is that the plan?

Because that is a shitty, shitty plan.

I attempt to make a nuanced point. A commenter takes exception. One wonders about that commenter and whether “sit around being an asshole in the comments sections of blogs” is now a political job description, especially since he seems smarter than my normal trolls.

Ghosts of the Smithsonian (and just things that seemed like ghosts).

Sexy Halloween Costumes. The sexy naked lady one made me laugh. I honestly don’t know if that’s NSFW or not. None of them are actually particularly sexy.


4 thoughts on “The TNDP Does Campfield Wrong and Other Things

  1. Saw that sexy costume article the other day. Darth Vader made me laugh, mainly because the way she is posed really looks like she needs to pee but can’t get out of the costume.

    The sexy male costume (there was only one that I actually think was meant to be sexy by it’s manufacturers) drives me nuts though. Because you can find a huge variety of sexy women’s costumes (that really are sexy) but it’s SO hard to find sexy men’s costumes because apparently the costume designers can’t figure out anything more creative than, “We’ll just put him in printed underwear and hand him an accessory of some sort.” That isn’t a costume!

  2. OTOH, Campfield has a mailer out accusing his opponent of taking money from an anti-war academic who “specializes in riots.”

    Turns out that the anti-war riot specialist is retired professor John Bohstedt, one of the guys who non-violently muscled murderous anti-liberal spree murderer Jim Adkisson to the floor of the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church.

    Pearls before swine, etc.

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