I went to Walgreens to buy make-up because the make-up I wear on the infrequent occasions I wear it is some eyeliner and some lipstick. And yet, when I go to be on TV in Chattanooga tomorrow (WTVC 12:30 their time), I need to wear something fitting for the TV lights.

So, I was standing in Walgreens and looking at everything and damned if I even knew what color I was. The woman at the counter had to help me pick shit out. But I think I’ve gotten that all resolved.  If I look weird, Chattanooga, just think of it as Halloween effects.

Still $40? Jesus Christ.

I’m glad I have a job that lets me skirt around most girly requirements, because I would not want to be shelling out money for make-up all the damn time.

Also tomorrow, my interview will be up on E. J. Stevens’ site, so be sure to pop over there. I will be!

And in something that has nothing to do with tomorrow, this site linked to “The Purple Impala” which tickled me a great deal.

7 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. B, TV stations usually have someone around to make you up. I wouldn’t sweat the “how will this look on television?” bit, because they will know how to deal with it. Plus, as ‘Coma says, you’re going to be fabulous anyway.

  2. They told me to come made up, so that’s what I’m doing. If I look horrid, hopefully I will be there early enough that someone can take me aside and show mercy on me.

  3. They probably want you made up so they now how you like to “look.” I just can’t imagine them putting you on TV without adding at least some makeup.

  4. Hey, that makeup is a business expense, LOL! On another note, I am finally able to buy your book! It will be my Halloween present for giving birth 22 years ago. Good luck on the interview!

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