Adventures in Chattanooga

We drove to Chattanooga and it was lovely! We got mildly lost going to Channel 9 based on Google’s bad directions, but the Butcher refound us and there we were. It was cool, but disconcerting how calm the TV people are. Y’all know me. If there is fretting to be done, I am doing it. If we have three minutes before something happens, I am a mess those whole three minutes. But the TV people are all acting like they have all the time in the world, that they can move from one thing to another with ease.

It was very cool. I could never be that calm, but it was neat to see.

Thank you, Channel 9!

And then we went over to UT Chattanooga to tape a segment for WUTC. That was awesome. The person who interviewed me really liked the book so she had great questions and observations and, since it was public radio, I felt fine geeking way out on her.

And now I am exhausted and happy.

One thought on “Adventures in Chattanooga

  1. If you were going anywhere in the center city area, it’s so easy to get lost down there. Once you get off the interstate there’s several strange turns around one way streets and signs that aren’t really that visible. My godmother lived there for a bunch of years and even though I’d been to her house many times and my mom even more, nevertheless every single time we drove down there for Christmas we’d take a wrong turn and get lost for a few minutes.

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