Haslam Doesn’t Want to Talk Specifics

From The Tennessean:

Haslam said reporters are more interested in focusing on conflicts than on the candidates’ plans for the state budget. “You guys want to focus on those issues,” he said. “We’ve had 10 days of gun stories, and not one saying, ‘Yeah, I wonder who has done their homework on the budget.’ “

So Andrea Zelenski tries:

But he offered few specifics Thursday when asked by reporters what departments or programs he’d propose trimming should he assume the state’s highest elected office and with it an expected $1.5 billion budget shortfall.

So, that explains why he wouldn’t answer my Planned Parenthood questions. He doesn’t actually want to talk about the budget.

I’m going to be honest. I’m concerned that he’s stupid. Some of the stuff that he’s fucking up? A competent politician and his campaign should have been prepared for–“Hey, we’re going to talk about cutting state funding to Planned Parenthood! Okay, what are the five or six questions we’re bound to get about that? What will our answers be?” Not “Talk about cutting state funding for Planned Parenthood, get asked the questions folks always ask when this nonsense comes up, dick around for days, and then refuse to answer.”

Or the whole gun thing? He didn’t even know that Pilot employees can’t have guns in their locked cars in Pilot parking lots while he’s saying employees of all companies should be allowed to have guns in their locked cars in company parking lots? I mean, I don’t expect Haslam to know every detail of every policy at Pilot, but who doesn’t motherfucking check before shooting off his mouth?

They say early voting is way, way down this year and I have to think that it is, in part, because no matter who your candidate supposedly is, he kind of sucks.

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