Some folks have asked, so let me just say that any way you buy A City of Ghosts is awesome with me.

You can order it through CreateSpace and use SNLKXXFH and that will get you 15% off, which is great for me and helps you defray shipping costs.

You can order it through Amazon, which is also great for both of us, and, if you order other books, gets you free shipping!

You can order it on your Kindle.

You can order it online from any other place you find it and that’s cool. Barnes & Noble has the book for just over $10, or they did the last time I looked.

If you’re local, you can go over to The Front Porch and get it in their gift shop.

Or, shoot, go into your local bookstore and have them order it for you. Who knows? I might not have been able to get it into bookstores, but your interest might cause them to consider stocking it.

So, honestly, whatever you want to do. Buying the book is helping me.

Any way you choose to buy the book helps me.


Our cats like to throw things on the floor, usually our mail. So, I was picking it up yet again, and I said to the Butcher, “Oh, wow, we got a ton of these fliers from Gary Moore.”

And I swear, I thought he said, “Oh, good, I thought we were all out.”

And I laughed about that all day and later I said, “Damn that was the funniest thing.” And he said, “What are you talking about?”

So, I explained.

And he said, “No, I said something about the cat wanting to go back out.'”

Which is not funny at all.

Book Stuff

I really thought the reading went well. Folks were reading along in their books, which I thought was awesome. And the Front Porch asked for a few more to have in their gift shop. I don’t know how many they’ve sold, but I’m guessing that brings my total to 150, which is about half-way to my goal.

Hopefully, folks will read it and decide they know someone who would like it for one of the Winter holidays and that will spur some sales as well. And then, little book, I don’t know.

I know it hurt it to not be in stores. People who pick it up and look at it seem to like it. So, I am missing the browser.

But I have had some great publicity opportunities. I am still so damn tickled when I think of what it was like to hear my voice coming across the speakers in my office. And reading in front of people has just been so awesome and so much fun, really, an incredible privilege.

So, I had a great time with this big push.

It’s funny, you know. I feel, in some ways, like 150 is terrible. And then I remember what I do for a living and how thrilled we’d be if, in two months, an obscure book by a local writer we had no money for publicity for had sold 150 copies. We’d take that as a sign of life. Or I remember what it was like writing here for 30 people a day. An audience for the blog, an audience who had to find it via recommendation, took a while to come.

In a way, publishing a book is like trying to start a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together. You know it can be done but you don’t know what it’s going to take in that particular instance to make a spark that catches.

I’m going to have to think about what’s next for the book, what I can do to really push it for the Holidays, but I want to take a couple of days to just enjoy what fun this part has been.

Seriously. I wrote something I got to read out loud to people.

And they like it.

That’s just fucking tremendous.