Terri Lynn Weaver and her Pastor are Idiots

Christ almighty, it’s 2010 and you are a grown-ass man. Do NOT dress in blackface.

And, if your pastor DOES for some reason dress in blackface for Halloween, your “black patois” is entirely inappropriate as well.

But most unbelievably, you don’t defend your idiocy and the idiocy of your pastor with “I’m the least racist of anyone. Some of my greatest friends are black.”

The Only Person

I should have been a teenage stoner, but alas, I was not, so I have to discover this shit sober and when I’m in my thirties. So, let me just say that it blows my mind, when I’m walking my dog, to realize that I live in a large city, full of people, and yet, there are times when I am the only person who sees how the sun rises over those hills on the other side of the creek on this day.